Whether you have participated in an exhibition or there’s an upcoming conference, there are many things to do. That’s the time for us to participate and help you by designing styrofoam sculptures and creative decorations for these kind of events. In case you have more questions, you can call or email us and our expert team will help you with the rest.


Services We Provide

We provide support and services to a variety of clients in the UAE. We offer assistance in planning and creating events and offer the following.

Lighting Equipment

We offer a wide variety of lighting fixtures that includes LED and architectural fixtures.

Truss & Roof Systems

We provide certified and safe trusses in different models and motors available according to your needs.

Video & 3D Projections

We provide 3D projections and video setup for conferences or large-scale events.

Audio & Sound Systems

We are always updated with the latest technology and offers a wide range of available audio system.


Do you need stage decks for an event? We have available decks in different sizes and heights to meet your needs.

Backdrops & Fabrication

We have our own production team that will be able to create structure needed for backdrops or any set designs.

LED Screens

We offer LED Screen panels suitable for any events including conferences, weddings, parties, concerts and corporate events in UAE.

Laser Shows

For an unforgettable event, laser shows will always do the job. It always fascinate people and we offer colorful shows that can be arranged according to your requirements.

Special Effects

We offer live special effects to be used for events including haze machine, colored smoke, bubble, foam machine and others.